Thanks Be To God: America Is Great Because America Is Good

Posted on November 27, 2008. Filed under: A Theology of Patriotism, American History |

Thursday, November 27, 2008– Happy Thanksgiving 2008! We are not just generically thankful, we are thankful to the One True and Living God, the Triune God of the Old and New Testaments whose Son is the Lord Jesus Christ and whose Holy Spirit indwells each Believer. We thank God for who He is, Omnipotent, Holy, Sovereign, Gracious, Omnipresent, Merciful, All-Wise, Just, Omniscient and Glorious. We thank God for what he has done- the beauty of creation, his abundant provision, and most of all for his forgiving us of our sins and adopting us into his family, granting us everlasting life because of the work of his Son on the cross.

We thank God today for allowing us to live in the greatest nation in the world, the most free nation in the world, America. This morning I would like to quote from a book I am reading, “A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror” by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, published by Sentinel of the Penguin Group in New York, 2004.

The quotes are from the introduction, pp.xii-xiii: “The reason so many academics miss the real history of America is that they assume that ideas don’t matter and there is no such thing as virtue…that is what America is all about- ideas. Ideas such as ‘All men are created equal’; the United States is the ‘last, best hope’ of earth; and America ‘is great, because it is good.'”

“Honor counted to founding patriots like Adams, Jefferson, Washington and then later, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Character counted. Property was also important; no denying that, because with property came liberty. But virtue came first.”

“It is not surprising, then, that so many left-wing historians miss the boat…They fail to understand what every colonial settler and every western pioneer understood: character was tied to liberty, and liberty to property. All three were needed for success, but character was the prerequisite because it put the law behind property agreements, and it set responsibility right next to liberty. And the surest way to ensure the presence of good character was to keep God at the center of one’s life, community, and ultimately, nation. ‘Separation of church and state’ meant freedom TO worship, not freedom FROM worship. It went back to that link between liberty and responsibility, and no one could be taken seriously who was not responsible to God. ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’ They believed these words.”


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