Happy First Anniversary to Mark12ministries Blog

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008–Last Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2008, was the one year anniversary of my new blog, Mark12ministries. I began the blog kind of under the inspiration of Billy at:


Billy and I have served together at two churches now, and he is a constant joy to be around and has been used by the Lord in my life in many ways. So thank you Billy, for helping me return to the Blogosphere!

I also want to thank Pastor Tim at Redeemer Church in Fort Worth, the staff and Elders for giving me another chance. They welcomed me and my family with warmth and granted us a place to worship, serve and teach. This church is the most miraculous and gracious place I have seen in my life, surpassing even my time at the Baptist Student Union at OU back in the 1970’s. When Tim asked me to teach a Sunday School class, I seriously did not think I was ready, but he did. I submitted to the Lord’s calling and really struggled those first few weeks, but the Lord has blessed and we are continuing to work our way through Genesis together. My wife, Dawn, is now teaching in the 2 yr olds and loving it and we are serving with Wayne and Sheri in a Care Group as well. More ministry opportunities are opening at Redeemer. I am happier and more fulfilled in ministry than I have ever been. The Lord is good.

When I began this blog I was wounded and hurting from a fairly long and traumatic ordeal at a church that I had served for 15 years. I was unable to read, study, write or do anything productive. I viewed blogging as a way of getting my mind and heart back into the fight. My first stories tended to focus on on the issues at my former church; I called that series of blogs Worship Wars. I eventually want to follow those articles up in a more detailed fashion, but they served their purpose, I am much more at peace with that whole experience. God is sovereign and wise and loving even when we do not understand why things happen and we suffer lasting damage from those experiences.

This blog has grown beyond what I originally had planned. As the Lord worked healing in my heart and mind my interest in studying and reading has returned and I now have a very eclectic blog that deals with everything from my son’s military adventures, to guns and hunting, Christian Preparedness, cooking, science fiction, book reviews, theology, history, politics and economics, the news of the day, sermons and Bible Studies.

In the blogs I read it seems that most are very focused in one or two areas. Mine is all over the place. Why? I follow my interests which are diverse but I also want to draw people into a theological site from all different directions. It is a scatter brained way of reaching out to those from all kinds of backgrounds. I have no clue if the blog is helpful but it is at least fun!

The blog is small in terms of the numbers of hits, averaging just over 1000 a month, and it may not ever grow beyond that. I’m fine with that. But it has been growing. The two weeks surrounding the election were my best ever. I have no idea of the number of regular readers other than a few friends like Don, Stephanie, Gramps, Randy, Erich and a few more.

The “tone” of my blog varies hugely. When I am writing about politics, Democrats (demoncrats), Republicans (republicrats), homosexual activists, muslims, Russians (Russkies), and the Chinese (chicoms), I can get a little bit irritated and use strong language. I use the term “pervert” to describe the homosexuals at times because words have meanings and that word is an important word that our culture is forgetting to our peril. I use the term “Marxist” to describe the modern day demoncrats because that is what they have become: authoritarian collectivists. If those terms offend people, too bad. Words have meanings and should be used. People get offended too easily today over the wrong things and we do not get offended over the right things. I am so disgusted at our political leaders today, from both parties.

Spiritually speaking, I am in much better shape today than I was a year ago. Writing here has helped. The actual studying has helped even more. It is a challenge to confront the news of the day- the political, economic and cultural turmoil of our society- with faith and trust in our Sovereign Lord. The election results were definitely a challenge and I am just now beginning to calm down from that. Not that the loss was a surprise, I pretty much thouhgt it would end up like that.

I am attempting to cultivate the attitude of the Resistance. As a Christian, a Conservative and Patriot I realize that we are behind, we are surrounded, we are outnumbered, but help is just across the channel and He is coming soon. Therefore, attack in any direction with the truth of God’s Word and rescue the perishing. Every area of life should claimed for the King, Jesus.

Equality 7-2521

viva le Resistance


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One Response to “Happy First Anniversary to Mark12ministries Blog”

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Happy Anniversary Bryan!

I’m glad to see that you’re still blogging away! Your blog definitely is unique, and I appreciate that. For something that began as an online journal of sorts, I believe that a person’s blog ought to be reflective of the person who is its author. And I can say that yours is.

I appreciate your political voice; it is much needed. It is also a blessing to see the way the Lord has worked in your life this past year. We both have found a place of rest and recovery at Redeemer, but I’m sure you can agree that post-Burton Hill, we’ve been able to find our way back to the Lord, who is our true Healing Place.

Keep on keepin’ on!

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