The Christian’s Obligation to Know American History, Civics and Economics

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Saturday, November 22, 2008– I have long known that the subjects of history, civics/government and economics have not been well taught in our education system from grade school through the universities. The average Amerikan these days is unfortunately quite ignorant in these subjects. This would perhaps explain a portion of the results of this last election. I would go so far as to say that this ignorance has been deliberately imposed upon America by the Edukators, the Main Stream Media, Hollywood and our own government (the demoncrats). To an extent this has been brought about by our technological age that drives us to focus on getting a job and becoming prosperous, having lots of leisure time and mindless entertainment to spend our hard earned money on. The things of the spirit, the arts,  justice, logic, history, good literature- all these things get placed on the back burner.

Sadly, even in the Church, we Christians are not much better. There is room for hope, however, as the explosion of home schooling and private, Christian schools grows. In those curriculums there is a better balance, a better presentation of American history and even Western Civ. It is my conviction that the Church needs to know, understand, defend and promote American History, Western Civ, Civics/Government and Economics, Great Literature, Philosophy and the Arts along with Math and the Sciences. I believe that it is our Christian duty to be well informed citizens so that we can properly exercise our right to vote by voting intelligently, based upon sound principles and facts, not popularity and emotion. A well informed, intelligent citizenry is more likely to stay free.

When I say that the Church needs to defend and promote American History, Western Civ, Civics, Economics, etc. I am not saying we should cease preaching the gospel. That is clearly our mission from the Lord in the Great Commission. He did not say, “Go therefore and preach capitalism and democracy.” Our calling is always to confront our culture with the Word of God and to live our lives in obedience to the Word of God.

However, I believe that the Church needs to “understand the times” and be salt and light in our society. We must bring the Word of God into every area of our culture. I believe that capitalism and freedom are good things, instituted by God and are worth defending. If by the churches’ inaction our children become ignorant of the truths of sound economics and government, history and liberty, then we the church have sinned. We must acknowledge that the world is not teaching our children the truth, therefore, we must teach our children the truth. We must counter the lies and ignorance of our society.

There has been a survey release by ISI that reveals just how ignorant we Amerikans have become. (OKkk, what’s up with the “k” in American? Since we just elected a Marxist/Socialist for President I thought I would get in the spirit of things…) I took the survey and scored an embarrasing 93%. Shoulda got a hundred! Here are the links to the survey and the Cal Thomas column that got me going this morning. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has long been on my blog roll so you can go there and click or use this link:,0,3182482.story;_ylt=AnsxHqjO1KumuKxr_.HDV2guQE4F

And you have to watch this video to see ignorance in action. It would be great if they did a similar poll for the Republicrats:

It is going to be my goal here at Mark12ministries, to continue bringing the truths of Scripture, sound doctrine, comments on the news and culture and trying to spark an interest in history, government, economics and good literature.

Equality 7-2521

Viva le Resistance!

PS from Tuesday 11-25-08–You’ve got to read this column by Victor Davis Hanson, one of my favorite authors:

He touches on several issues but the common thread is that we have lost our Western Civilization knowledge and values. This impacts every area of our culture from the arts to business to education and speech patterns. He nails it!


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