Obama’s Civilian National Security Force?

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Friday, November 14, 2008–Imagine Amerika’s youth being required by a draft to serve in a Civilian Defense Force upon graduation from High School where they are in what is essentially a basic training environment for about 3 months and then sent to work on various government projects around the country, or even overseas. In this CDF they receive some military-like training, but the primary instruction is political. The unstated goal would be to train up a force that would be edukated in the principles of “The New Economic Order” and the principles of “Progressive Democracy” (Marxist/Socialism). Their loyalty would be to Pres. BO.

Simultaneously with the rise of the CDF, the military budget would be cut by about 1/3. All major new weapons’ systems would be halted, our nuclear arsenal (already dangerously old) would be allowed to decay and not be replaced, the new missile defense systems will be scrapped (the Alaskan National Guard helps man one of those installations in Alaska, Sarah Palin is the Governor and thus, Commander of the Alaskan National Guard), and troop reductions would follow.

Because of the cuts in the Defense Budget and the elimination of the Patriot Act, the closing of GITMO and a new openness to “talks” with terrorist states, terrorism increases and the US begins to sustain increasing casualties at home and abroad. The Al Qaida does not respect Pres. BO.



With the tax cuts proposed by Pres. elect BO only about 25% of Americans will actually be paying taxes, the other 75% would be receiving money from the government, thus building up an electorate that is dependent upon Pres. BO. The borders will be opened and once again, millions of illegals will flood our cities, also beholden to BO. Those millions of illegals will be given the right to vote. The continued economic crisis will result in the nationalization of the Auto Industry, Banks, and the Pharmaceuticals. A war between Israel and Iran will result in another spike in oil prices and the government will move to nationalize the oil industry. No new drilling, no new nuclear power plants and no viable alternative sources of energy will be found anytime soon. Energy prices soar, so Pres BO the Beneficent bestows reduced cost oil for half the population, thus winning more converts.

Two months into his reign, Pres BO has appointed a new FCC chairman and the FAirness Doctrine is immediately imposed. Talk RAdio stations around the country are forced to bring in liberal speakers or shut down. Revenue slows to Talk RAdio stations so formats are chagned, stations begin to close. Meanwile, CBSNBCABCCNNMSNBCPBS do not have to make any changes, allow any conservatives. The advertisers on FOX news are all hit by boycotts.

By executive order all laws against abortion are overturned, homosexuals are allowed to marry, and assault rifles and high capacity magazines are banned.

Hearings in Congress begin immediately for the Bush/Cheney administration and these lead to a series of trials. Eventually former Pres. Bush and VP Cheney are turned over to the World Court for a war crimes trial. They are imprisoned after a two and a half year long trial.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity both mysteriously disappear and are never heard from again. After a brief investigation no foul play is discovered and rumors begin that they left to go into seclusion to Costa Rica. Hannity’s wife and children protestand private efforts to locate him are stymied by government interference. Rush Limbaugh’s estate is taken over by the State and used for research on sea turtles.

Homeschooling is outlawed by executive order. Religious families are persecuted for holding their children out of government schools. Private schools lose their tax exempt status. Churches taht refuse to hire homosexuals lose their tax exemt status. Preachers are charged with a “Hate Crime” for preaching against the sodomites. Polyamory groups win the right for group marriage.

See the following stories for the Civilian National Security Force.












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