Why the Republicans Lost

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Thursday, November 27, 2008– Update–If you want to know how the Demoncrats won, look at this interview and the poll that goes with it. What this tells us is that the majority of voting Americans were kept ignorant of Obama’s problems and informed only of McCain/Palin problems by the Main Stream Media. An uninformed, uneducated populace is the road to serfdom.




Saturday, November 8, 2008– If you want an excellent example of why the Republicans lost the election, watch this video of Matt Lauer interviewing McCain aid Niccole Wallace on the Today Show from Friday, 11-7-08. In this interview Lauer asks Niccole about the leaks coming out of the McCain camp that basically say Sarah Palin messed up the campaign. Specifically, he is asking about an LATimes article that names Niccole, Rick Davis and a Schmitt as one of the sources upset with Palin or leaking information about the tiff. The specific issue he brings up is the media generated controversy about the $120,000 worth of clothes that Gov. Palin got from the campaign.


Niccole seemed to deny that there was any controversy and explained the wardrobe purchases adequately and basically stated there was nothing unusual about bringing in a wardrobe for Governor Palin and then conducting an audit to return the clothes.

But this entire interview is an example of why the GOP lost the election!

1) Niccole begins the interview, not by directly answering Lauer’s question but by congratulating the Obama campaign, etc. etc. I am tired of the fawning losers making nice with the Obama Marxists. Be respectful and do not appear bitter, but speak truth to the evil. Saying something like this perhaps, “We congratulate the Obama campaign on their victory but we do need some investigations into the work of ACORN which flagrantly disobeyed numerous Federal Election laws as well as some investigations into all those illegal donations from the Middle East.”

2) When she was asked about the clothing expenditures for Gov. Palin, she should not have stopped with explaining what happened. She should have gone on the attack, gently and with respect, like this, “Matt, the party bought these clothes for Gov.Palin just like NBC buys a lot of the clothes for you…” A little bit of aggressive research would reveal where Matt Lauer gets the clothes he wears for the show. A lot of shows even give the credit to the store or designer who provides the clothes at the end of the show.  A bit more research would likely have shown that somebody bought Michele Obama’s clothes for the campaign. That should have been researched and brought out in the interview. Compare this article on Michele Obama with the Palin “controversy”:


3) Next, Niccole should have then confronted LibLauer with this, “You know Mr. Lauer, if the GOP had not provided Gov. Palin with a wardrobe, the press would have been all over her for not wearing the finest of clothes and linked that with her being from Alaska. So basically you in the MSM are sexists and it shows in how you judge a fine Governor simply by the clothes that she has or does not have.”

Folks, the MSM, the Matt Lauers of the world will not do basic journalism, we have to do their job for them, and then throw it in their face, gently, politely and with a smile and positive attitude. Do NOt ever accept the premises of the Libtard Press Pukes. Throw it back in their face, graciously but forcefully. Turn their argument against them. Force them to acknowedge their bias.

The Gop needs to hire some serious investigators to research all the bad junk on every main reporter or anchor we go up against so at every interview our people can throw something about the reporter back at them. We must make the libtard Press Pukes fear us. Do not break the law here, use only information that is legitimate public access. No anonymous source garbage- that is what they do. But we have to acknowledge that the MSM are Marxists and the enemy. Stick them with their own bayonets and twist.

Viva le Resistance

Equality 7-2521


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