How Can Republicans Win?

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Friday, November 7, 2008–Conservatism did not lose this election, the GOP moderates lost this election. That means John McCain and Bush. The last Conservatives who led the GOP were Newt Gingrich and the class of 1994 in Congress with their Contract with America. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for McCain and Pres. Bush. Both are good honorable men who have served their country well.  Both were, however, incapable of winning this election, not because of the quality of the opposition (AlGore in 2000, Lurch I mean Kerry in 2004, and now B. Hussein Obama in 2008 were all very weak candidates), but because of their lack of a truly Conservative vision and message. Neither man is a good communicator and the demoncrats had a very good communicator running for a change.

In this article we find that voter turnout was virtually unchanged from 2004 with the exception of the demoncrats getting a few more of their sheeple to vote while the Republicrats managed to suppress their own vote by giving us a candidate who did not light our fire:

Bush won in 2000 and 2004 because the opposition was so bad, not because of his skill or talents. Clinton won in 1992 and ’96 for two reasons, 1)Ross Perot and 2)Clinton is a gifted communicator when compared with George HW Bush and Bob Dole. Bush the elder won in 1988 on the coattails of 8 yrs of Reagan and he was up against Mondull who was honest enough to tell America that he was going to raise taxes and that he was a proud libtard. Back then America was still a right of center country and a dull Bush against a dull Mondull led to the election of Bush the elder.

With Reagan and Ford in 1976 Reagan was the outsider and Ford the Blue Blood GOP guy, so he got the Party’s nomination. The GOP, like most other organizations (especially churches!), was incapable of realizing times had changed and the baggage of Nixon needed to be jettisoned. So they ran the hapless Ford against Carter, an outsider that the demoncrats wisely put in-sensing the times. Ford lost big time and Reagan began his campaign. (How I loved those radio spots by Reagan!).

In 1980 Reagan won against a reviled Jimmy Carter, who ranks up there with Nixon and now W in the most hated Presidents list. Reagan, we like to think won solely because of his Conservative ideas. That was only 1/3 of the battle. He won 1/3 because Carter was an idiot, 1/3 because he was THE GREAT COMMUNICATOR, and 1/3 because of Conservatism.

Here are the lessons the GOP of today needs to learn: 1) You must stay true to the Conservative cause; 2) To win you must be a good looking Excellent Communicator, able to articulate the conservative message in an appealing, positive way to America; 3) Your opponent’s weaknesses MUST BE EXPLOITED. Bush/McCain refused, REFUSED to attack B.Hussein Obama on his weaknesses, LARGELY out of a misplaced sense of honor, but more so because the Media painted every opposition to Obama as RACIST. Good grief! McCain has a daughter of color, it would be nearly impossible to paint him as a racist.

What Is To Be Done? (to quote Vladimir Lenin and Nicolai Chernyshevsky) As Pamela Geller says in her blog Atlas Shrugs today, the GOP is turning its guns on Sarah Palin to an extent. Wrong Target! Sarah brought the best out of the Conservatives.

The Conservatives must stage a coup d’etat within the GOP and put the Squishy part of the family in the closet. Newt should be brought in along with Rush and Sean and Mark Levine to lay down the plan and the law for the GOP or we will be in exile for the next 30 years. I woud love to see a conservative Junta of Pamela Geller, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Al Mohler, and a few others. The top 100 conservative businessmen need to be enlisted, and the few conservative Hollywood folks, so they can help fund a series of TV specials, even some big screen movies that promote the conservative cause. Have a series of Townhall Rallies that bring in the Conservative leaders who will pump up the crowds and give intelligent disputations with the libtards. Hold a series of debates where referees skilled in logic and debating would actually judge the arguments made on the basis of facts, reason and rhetoric. The bottom line is the Conservative Message is not getting out far enough. Yes, Rush has the largest radio audience and Fox News the largest Cable audience; but those numbers are still small in the big scheme of things. The message must be true conservatism, the message must be proclaimed far and wide, the message must be delivered by attractive, appealing people of all races and both genders, and the opposition’s weaknesses must be exposed and hammered. Do it all with boldness, grace, a sense of humor,and respect, but with a willingness to stick the bayonet all the way in, and twist. We must understand how GRAVE the situation is. A Marxist has been elected President.

But what can we, the small people, the average church going, Christian conservatives, what can we do to help? 1) Pray for a revival in the land, pray for Pres. Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid. Pray for them to see the truth and act wisely or pray imprecatory prayers that their evil may be stopped. 2) Get informed and educated in Reformed Theology, American History, Conservative Economics and Political Theory (Wow, sounds like my blog!). Listen to Rush, Sean and Mark, watch Fox News, read Pamela Geller’s blog Atlas Shrugs.

Join me in reading and studying the great books of conservatism. I have just read and written a book review of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, I highly recommend it. I might even be interested in forming a local reading club in my part of Ft Worth.

3) Stay in contact with your GOP party and communicate your demand for a return to conservatism.

4) Talk with your liberal friends and learn to debate the issues of the day in a respectful way.

5) Prepare for the long haul; Amerika is no longer a center right country. After 3 generations, maybe 4, of liberal educrats and the MSM we have a country that is leaning left with a growing streak of anarchy that always accompanies multi-culturalism/unrestrained immigration/balkanization.

Now, you have to check out the American Spectator site or Rush Limbaugh’s site for this column on “Obama-Alinsky Democrats Will Tilt the Battlefield” by Quin Hillyer:

This article should scare the bejeepers out of ya’. Seriously, this is why I am calling Pres. B. Hussein Obama a Marxist. We are facing a revolution that was ushered in by the MSM and the illiterate Amerikan publik.

Viva le Resistance!

Equality 70-2521


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