Why Obama and the Democrats Won

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Wednesday, Nov.5, 2008–I started having a bad feeling about this election back in 2006 when the Dems kicked the GOP’s tail at the mid-term elections. Then, as the field of Republican wannabes started the primary season I pretty much knew it was over. There was no good leader who was going to be able to fend off Hillary (I thought Hillary would be the Dem of choice). But as the dems unbelievbly went for Obama, who had no good prior experience and was an empty suit, I briefly regained some hope that McCain would be able to win. Obama had sooo much baggage from Jeremiah Wright, FAther Phlager, William Ayers, his forged birth certificate, the man cannot even pass an FBI background check!(but neither could Bill Clinton!) So how did Obama get elected? How did the Demoncrats win so big two elections in a row?

I. Bush- President Bush is a good man, way smarter than the press thinks (you don’t go to Harvard and Yale as a dummy), but has always been a moderate Republican, not a true blue conservative. His compassionate conservatism was just another name for democrat-lite. He was a fine govenor here in Texas but I never voted him in the primary because I knew he was too nice. His constant compromises with the demoncrats like Ted Kennedy and the education bill, his stance on the border, his medicare prescription drug plan, his signing off on the McCain-Feingold law limiting free speech all were critical to losing support of his base. His response to 9/11 was good initially but his failure as a communicator to sell the war in Iraq, his Iraq war plan for after the initial battles, and his stubborn holding on to Rumsfield all cost him dearly. His failure to fight back at the press and the demoncrats ultimately brought him down. His view of the dignity of the white house forbid him from getting down and dirty in the political war. His idealism should have been matched by some pragmatism at some point. Bush’s failures to fight the press and demoncrats allowed him to be painted as being the worst president in history unfairly and this led the country to want “Change”. Watch this, the Obama administration will definitely blame Bush for everything that goes wrong the first two years for sure, and maybe for all 4 years. Secondly, the Obama administration may very well conduct “hearings” and seek to prosecute Bush and Cheney and members of the administration for “Crimes against the State” Very Stalin like!

II. McCain- Sen. McCain is an honorable man who has served his country well. But he, too, was no conservative in many key areas. He authored McCain Feingold, he opposes drilling in ANWR and opposed tough immigration reform. He cooperated with the Demoncrats way too much over the years. He was the GOP candidate only because the others were such big losers. McCain’s sense of dignity and honor prevented him from going for the jugular of Obama. Very Bush like here. Notice that it is always the Republicans who have a sense of honor that constrains them from fighting the demoncrats hard. The GOP has been without a spine since Reagan left office. Politics is war by other means to misquote Clauswitz. And the GOP fails to realize that the dems do not abide by any rules, none, zippo, nada. This is not to say we should abandon honor and ethics and become relativistic power mongers like the demoncrats. But it does mean that we should fight for the kill using every legal and ethical means possible, including impeachment of judges, jerrymandering at the state level, etc.

McCain’s failure to go after Obama on Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, the PLO connections, the birth certificate, etc. was all seriously misguided and did a major disservice to America, allowing this terrorist friendly radical to become commander in chief. McCain let us down.

III. Obama-He is a nice looking, highly educated, smooth talking man with a great looking family and a compelling life story. But make no mistake, he is from the Chicago Political Machine, he has long associations with terrorists and radicals, he is a muslim sypathizer, and he is likely not even a US Citizen. Obama is the most inexperienced man to ever hold the office of President. He has no military experience. He has no private business experience. He has very minimal experience in politics. It is a plus that he has served as a community organizer working at the neighborhood and city level, and that he has served as a state legislator and US Senator. In other words, he has served in politics at the grass roots, state and federal levels. But he has no executive experience at all, none, zippo, nada, zilch.

Obama was exceptionally well financed, albeit a lot of it is illegal gifts from overseas, which I hope will be prosecuted….but don’t hold your breath, the Bush admin doesn’t have the stomach for this war. Money can buy the office, but I don’t think that is the whole story by any means. Obama offered nice sounding platitudes to a people hungry for change but who are incapable of serious thought. OK, I admit my own arrogance here, I believe that most demoncrats are morons and incapable of intelligent thought. Liberalism squelches thought and is based upon adolescent emotionalism. Populism always appeals to the crowds with their Christmas lists of things they want now. Obama fed them the lines they wanted. Unfortunately, most Republicans do this now too.

Obama even survived an incredibly stupid choice for Vice-President in Sen. joe Biden. Biden is a gaff machine par excellence and will be good entertainment for the next 4 yrs. Biden is an old pro though, and Obambi needs some experience around him. Even if it is all the wrong experience.

But over all, Obambi is the “cool” candidate who appealed to the youth vote, got about 98-99% of the black vote, and a lot of the vast middle of America that was just tired of Bush. The overwhelming majority of this majority are incapable of serious thought.

IV. The Media/Hollywood Cabal- Journalism in America has always been “yellow”,biased and otherwise filthy. There is a tendency to think journalism is worse today that it ever has been. Journalism did have a brief civil period in the 1940’s-60’s but that was an aberration I think. There is absolutely no doubt that the MSM of today, ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBC, is way lopsided and biased. They were rooting for Obambi against Hillary and against McCain. There is a reason why the MSM newspapers are declining- the internet. And the internet is a much more fair media source in the sense that all points of view are available. Thank God for Fox News and Talk Radio. There is a reason that Rush has the largest listening audience in radio and Fox News leads Cable. Quality and truthfulness will win when given a fair shot.

Hollywood is liberal because there is always the libertine element in the artsy circles. Most actors and actresses are morons and are incapable of intelligent thought. They are so trendy and fad conscious.

Proposition: Why don’t some rich republican conservatives just buy ABC or CBS and a couple of newspaper chains?

QQ: Why are journalists so overwhelmingly liberal? Look to the schools of journalism at our universities and you will see.

V. Immigrants and People of Color- Not sure of all the stats but it looks like blacks voted 98% for obambi and mexicans probably 66% or so. Why? I can see and understand wanting a black man in office, but it is sad that millions of folk voted for him just because he is black. I look at a person’s soul, their mind and accomplishments; I couldn’t care less about skin color. Put a conservative black man or woman up for office who has the experience and I will vote for them over an inexperienced or liberal white guy 7 days a week. Thomas Sowell for President!

We shot ourselves in the foot with immigration policy 30-40 years ago. I am for immigration but for a slow immigration that has its goal of transforming immigrants into Americans with our language and values. What we have today is ruining our culture and has ushered in Obambi.

VI. 3 Generations of Liberal Public Schooling and 4 Generations of Liberal Universities. The GOP and the Conservative movement lost the education system at least 60 years ago so you have three generations that have grown up being fed liberal lies, being brainwashed, not being educated in how to think logically and now have brains of mush. Sheeple instead of people are the majority. They will vote for whatever doufous promises them the most freebies and looks the best while he lies to them. We live in a country where the majority cannot tell the difference between marxist idealogy and the principles  upon which this country was founded. We have just elected a marxist to be president of Amerika. Thank you educrats of Amerika!

VII. The Church- Our failure to properly evangelize the lost, train up our children in a biblical worldview and confront our culture with the law and the gospel with a prophetic voice has allowed evil to triumph. Our failure to pray for our nation has allowed people to call good evil and evil good. Our failure to recognize the public schools for the cesspools thay they are is a sin. Our failure to model Christian marriages and homes has led to the end of the family and the rise of the homosexual movement. God forgive us.

VIII. The Economy-Could Black September have done any more damage? Why do I wonder if the fall was perhaps “helped” by the dems? Was this election’s “October Surprise” in September and orchestrated by the likes of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, et al.? When th eeconomy tanked, mcCain didn’t stand a chance. Again, Amerikans do not understand anything about economics because the educrats have deliberately kept them ignorant with the able assistance of the MSM.

IX. Al Queda – anyone else notice that the jihad boys kept quiet? They wanted Obambi elected so they did not do anything exciting knowing that it would rile up Amerikans to vote for McCain.

Conclusion: God is in control, and he has brought Amerika to this place in history to accomplish his secret will. I think we are in for a time chastisement as He gives us the “king” we have been clamoring for.

“What Is To Be Done?” Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Spread the Gospel, minister to the hurting. Look Amerika in the eye and say, “Thus saith the LORD…” Study some economics and political theory and educate your friends and neighbors.

Peace through superior Truth!


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