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The Christian Survivalist: A Biblical View of Preparedness

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Purpose: To provide a biblical view of how to prepare for disasters, large and small, so that the individual Christian, the Christian family, and the local Church can give glory to God in the midst of trying times, defend and provide for their families and church, be a blessing to other Believers who were not as prepared, to reach out to the lost with the Gospel while serving them in a crisis, and to preserve a Christian civilization for the future.

Method: This category of the Mark12ministries Blog will include a series of postings that will present ideas about how to prepare to survive the various disasters, large and small, that we may encounter. It is intended to stir up a godly discussion on the topics visited and to generally bring in a sanctified form of survivalism to the Church at large. For too long the Church has relegated topics like this to the Government or to the lost even while doing a pretty good job of sending teams to minister in parts of the country that have been ravaged by storm, flood or earthquake.

Outline: Here is a proposed outline for the study of Christian Preparedness/ Survivalism-

I. A Biblical Study of Preparedness

1. Bible passages that teach preparing for the future and for disaster (Noah in Gen.6-9 is a good case study)

2. Spiritual themes like Keeping our eyes on Jesus, not on building bigger barns for the wrong reasons.

3. When to flee (Lot leaving Sodom) and when to fight (Esther)

4. A biblical case for hoarding and defending from the book of Judges?

5. Working hard, providing for your family and saving for the future, a biblical view.

6. Why did Jesus’ disciples carry swords?

7. Eschatology and Christian Preparedness- will we be raptured outta here prior to things getting “really bad”? Or will we be like Israel, Judah and 2000 yrs. of church history and go through a time of great suffering?

II. Types of Disasters To Prepare For at the personal, family, church and neighborhood level

1. Small Inconvenient Disasters- flat tires, cell phone dies, weather changes, etc. From common sense to witnessing opportunities, practicing the Golden Rule and 2nd Greatest Commandment.

2. Medical Emergencies- First Aid and CPR Training, First Aid kits, calling 911.

3. “Normal” minor disasters- power outages due to storms, water pipes freezing, house and car fires.

4. Major Natural Disasters- Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes

5. Self-defense issues

6. Civil disturbances- crime prevention to riots

7. Political Oppression and Persecution (It’s coming to America!)

8. The End Of The World As We Know It scenarios (TEOTWAWKI)- Electrical Grid total failure, EMP blast, Nuclear War, Plague, Asteroid strike, Mega Volcano, etc.

III. The Specifics of Survival Gear and Plans

1. Water

2. Food

3. Shelter

4. Weapons

5. Tools

6. Clothing

7. Communications

8. Books

IV. What Should the Church Do?

1. Medical emergency response teams

2. Crime prevention teams

3. Fire Prevention

4. Severe Weather Plans

5. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, defend the oppressed

6. Can a local church prepare for the mega disaster or TEOTWAWKI?

7. Looking at the long term challenge of passing the faith and civilization on to the next generation post apocalypse.

8. “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” Ministering the Gospel in the middle of a war.

V. Is Any of This Really Necessary? What Are The Chances….?

1. Bible history tells us to prepare

2. Church history tells us to prepare

3. Recent history tells us to prepare- Frontier churches, Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW1 and WW2

4. Current history tells us to prepare- Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, etc.; California earthquakes and wild fires; Los Angeles riots; oppression of the church in various other countries.

5. World political and economic situation tells us to prepare.

6. Common sense tells us to prepare

Thursday, October 9, 2008: This topic has long been one of my favorites, but I have kept quiet since it doesn’t get much cred in the Church. I and my family have made some preparations and about 3 years ago my brother got caught up in the evacuation of Houston during hurricane Rita…and was on the road for 21 hours while making only 17 miles of progress!

On this blog I was actually surprised at the interest level on my one prior posting on this subject:

therefore I believe a little fleshing out of the topic is warranted. This will be a long processĀ  and I will notĀ  likely go in the order I have just described. Some posts I will be able to write very quickly without much research at all, while other topics will require a lot of exegetical work and internet research. I am busy with work, teaching Genesis in the Sunday School class, assisting in a Care Group and writing other things for this blog, so this big project will not go quickly.

Any input from the readers will be appreciated!

Here are some stories, websites and blogs of interest:


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