Requalification with My 9mm Ruger P-89

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My Level III Security Commission Card is coming up for renewal, so last Wednesday I took a trip into Dallas to receive my semi-annual training at DFW Gun Range, the firm my company, Allied-Barton always uses here in the DFW Metroplex.

I have been attending training at DFW Gun Range since 2004 and have never been disappointed in the instruction. I highly recommend them, check out their web site above, then stop by and see what they have to offer.

Since I do not work an armed post this bit of training was paid for me, myself, and I, and I had to provide my own firearm instead of the Glock 19 the company issues. That morning I took my Ruger P-89 with me for my requalification shoot. I was not to be disappointed.

I have been a Level III or IV security officer since 1985 and have qualified with a variety of firearms over the years including a S&W mod. 65, 66, a Sig P-228, a Glock 19 and now my Ruger P-89. I have always shot a very high qualification score, usually within just 2-3 points of perfect. Before you think I am a great pistol shot (I am not!) you have to understand that the standards for security officers in the state of Texas are embarrassingly low.

A few years ago I was at the qual range 3 times in about a two year period and shot with my Ruger, then the Sig and finally with the Glock. I fired a 247 with my Ruger, 248 with the Sig and 249 with the Glock. I fell in love with the Glock and could tell it was ergonomically the superior gun. The problem that I and my other two officers had with the brand new company issued Glocks was the last round in the magazines failed to feed with an alarming regularity. 3 new Glocks, 9 new mags, 3 officers, and we all had the same problem. My problem with the Sig was that the finish rusted if I sneezed hard. My Ruger, though nowhere near as comfortable to shoot, has been utterly and completely reliable since 1994 when I purchased it new (purchased because of the Clinton Gun/Magazine ban; I think I bought about 10 guns that year). The Ruger, though it has never jammed or misfired in 14 years and thousands of rounds fired, is simply not quite as accurate as the Sig or Glock. Until this past week!

Perhaps it is because I have fired so many rounds through it over a long period of time, and that I have recently been practicing with it, but whatever the reason this past week I shot a perfect 250 for my requal. I think that is the first perfect score I have ever shot on the course. And, my grouping was the best I have ever shot, with the exception of when I was shooting the Glock. This time I only had three flyers and all three stayed within the 8 ring which still scores as 5pts. I completely tore out the center of the target.

But before I go patting myself on the back for my superior shooting skills, you need to know that in my class, despite my perfect score and my tight group, I was the 4th best shooter! Two other Allied Barton guys outshot me- their groups were way tighter than mine. One other guy had a 249, so I technically out scored him, but his group was so tight that I really think the doufus next to him shot at the wrong target. Seriously. The hole was down at the bottom of the paper. This guy was a retired Army Infantry Master Sergeant, from the 82nd Airborne, and could shoot. There is no way he pulled that one bullet so low. By the way, he was using a Ruger as well, but his was a newer model P-94 maybe. The Allied Barton guys were both shooting Glock 19s and one, the best shot of us all, had multiple jams. What’s up with the Glocks these days? Anyone else have this trouble?

All in all it was a good day of training and I was satisfied with how my P-89 behaved. This is my combat pistol, it stays with me when I am on the road (Texas allows us to carry in our cars). I wear the Ruger when I am out in the woods in hog country, though the 9mm is underpowered for hogs. I keep it primed with a variety of +p ammo in either 115gr or 124gr JHPs, but I also usually carry my S&W mod 66 in .357mag for hogs.

I have a couple  of different holsters for my Ruger including a Bianchi military style holster I keep on my LBE from my Army days but wear when I go hunting, camping, etc. Though designed for the M-9 Berreta it fits the P-89 just fine. I also have a cheap shoulder rig for my Ruger that I wear at times in the field that would also be good to wear while driving in an TEOTWAWKI scenario.

I would love to eventually purchase a Glock or two or three, but in the meanwhile, I will continue to depend on the utterly reliable, shootable Ruger.”P”_series_pistols


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4 Responses to “Requalification with My 9mm Ruger P-89”

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If you like the Glock so much then you might want to try the Springfield XD. It is, in my opinion a much better hand gun all around. I bought the sub-compact for my CCW, and concealability. Straight out of the box, I had to qualify with it to add it on my license, I shot a 267,much to my suprise. I’ve never had any type of problem in the 100’s of rounds that I’ve pumped through it, no matter the brand of ammo. Give it a try, you never know, you might like it better than the Glock. Semper Fi.

My son, Jeremy, has a Springfield XD in .45 ACP and loves it. I have not shot it yet…hmmm…must chastise the boy for failure to share! Glock so revolutionized gun manufacturing that now several gun makers have the polymer frame and striker system.

Howdy! (Sorry, couldn’t resist) I stumbled on your page while researching Handgun Qaulification courses in TX. I was wondering what the course of fire (10 rounds at 3 yds, 7 yds, etc) was for the TX practical combat course that is required for level-3 officers in the state of TX. Any info would be apprecaited!

As many times over the past 24 years as I have done this qualification shoot, you would think I would have it burned into my memory. I am pretty sure that it is 20rds at 3 yards, 20rds at 7 yds, and 10 rds at 15 yds (but it may be 10 rds at 10 yds).At any point, it is ridiculously easy and I would not even call it a “practical combat course” because we fire from the standing ready position, not from the holster. If we did the quick draw and fire thing…we have a lot of security officers shooting themselves in the leg or foot, shooting their partners left and right, and probably shooting instructors. Sad to say, but I have not much confidence in the average armed security officer. That being said, my last trip to DFW Gun Range was the most positive experience I have had there because of the large percentage of former cops, ex-military and current Reservists who were in the class. We had a group of guys who could take care of business safely.

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