Matthew 3:1-12 Prepare the Way of the Lord

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Sunday, September 21, 2008– First of all, keep in mind I am one week behind in my blogging of Tim’s sermons. This sermon was preached Sept.14th. These are the notes I took in church so they are bit scattered at times. If you want to hear the sermon you can go to my blog roll and click on Redeemer Church and go to the sermons.

Matthew 3:1-12 “Prepare the Way of the Lord”

Introduction: A king is preceded by a herald and John the Baptist (or, the Baptizer) is that herald. John is the fulfillment of a promise from isaiah 40. Jesus didn’t just appear by happenstance when he did, he appeared according to the Word of God. Isaiah wrote 700 yrs. before Christ. God is not in a hurry to fulfill his promises.

John appears in the wilderness much like Israel appeared in the wilderness. the Isaiah 40 passage is written to Israel in exile- a wilderness. God is patient.

In vss. 13-17 Jesus comes to John the Baptist for baptism, then heads off into the wilderness. Jesus the last Adam, comes to take his people out of the wilderness to paradise.

John was strange looking with his camel hair clothes, leather belt and eating wild lucusts and honey. He was a herald crying out “Make straight the way of the Lord. What is the message John wants to communicate?

I. He Preached Repentance- A Baptism of repentance. In v.5 all of Judea and the Jordan area went out to see him preach. He was not preaching a health and wealth fake gospel! He was preaching repentance and baptism of repentance. Baptism was not new, it was related to the OT ritual washing and was practiced by the Essenes. Baptism was usually for converts from the Gentiles, the God fearers.

Baptism does not wash away sin or cleanse the heart- it points to our need and what God alone does. It wasn’t enough to be circumcised and baptized; there must be more. John’s message was for all people- old and young, synagogue leaders, priests and peasants. It is not just an emotional thing; there must be conviction, repentance. You need to be grieved at the core over your sin.

II. Focused on the Coming of Christ- We exist to promote the glory of Jesus Christ. What did John say about Jesus? He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Regeneration and Judgment! Redemption and Consecration. Apart from the Holy Spirit applying the atonement to you, you will not be saved.

III. John’s Message Was of Meekness- “After me comes one more powerful and worthy than I” Are you really ready for the One who is to come? Are we ready for Jesus to come again?


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