Mark 1:21-28 “Jesus Confronts Evil With Authority”

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Saturday, August 30, 2008– As a bi-vocational pastor the Sunday night sermon frequently got the least amount of preparation time, about 2-3 hours. Sometimes I could get a basic manuscript done, but more often I had a partial manuscript and outline. Sometimes just the barest of outlines. But Sunday nights and I have always gotten along quite well together. Even as a child I seemed to enjoy Sunday night church more. My congregation seemed to think that I preached a bit better on Sunday nights; maybe because I was more relaxed, I don’t know. If I was preaching through a series that would be on both services I would always choose the stronger text for the morning service so some of my sermons were out of sequence a bit, but nobody cared about that. Here is the next sermon from Mark’s Gospel but it is just a bare bones outline; too bad, I think I remember this one being pretty good.

Mark 1:21-28 “Jesus Confronts Evil With Authority”

8 August 1999 PM



Introduction: We are skipping over the calling of the first disciples in vss16-20 until next Sunday morning because I will tend to preach from stronger passages on Sunday mornings. Tonight we are looking at a passage that shows the spiritual battle that Jesus is engaging in as he brings the gospel to his people. The battle from the wilderness temptation is carried over into Capernaum, specifically into the synagogue. The main idea is that in preaching the gospel with authority there will be opposition, and sometimes demonic opposition. But the power of Jesus and the gospel overthrows the power of the evil one.


I. The Teaching of Jesus.

            Synagogue history…

            Jesus went to the synagogues to teach, Mk 3.1; 6.2 So did Paul Acts14.1

            Jesus’ authority contrasted with the wishy- washiness of the scribes and Pharisees and teachers. Matt 5:21; 7:28. The ethos, pathos, and logos of Christ’s teaching. Content, authority, lifestyle, spirit, skill


II.A Demon Possessed Synagogue Member.

            3.11; 22;5.2-17; James 2:19; Rom8:38; Jude6; Deut 32.17; Psalm 106.37-38; Rev 18.2;Isa.13.21;34.14.


III. We Must Confront Evil

            Matt 5.13-16; Eph 6.12-18;


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