Articles on Church History- The Decline of Mainline Denominations

Posted on August 21, 2008. Filed under: Church History |

Tuesday, August 26, 2008–The following articles discuss the decline of the mainline Protestant denominations in America and what that means for the country as a whole. The last 65 years or so has seen the changing of our country to a liberal zoo, a secular state, a smorgasboard instead of a melting pot. Certainly it is true that America was never a “Christian Nation” if your criteria for that term is that everyone in the country was a Christian. But we were and maybe still almost are a Christian nation in the sense that the overall worldview of the Founders and the country until about the 1960’s was a Christian worldview. The decline of the mainline denominations was a sign of this loss of worldview that actually began in the late 1800’s with the introduction of higher criticism in theological schools, Darwinism, and Pragmatism. These things combined to do away with the God-centered theology of our Calvinist forefathers and the Arminians took over, then the social Gospel, then the nutty charismatic revivals came about and the Church backed out of being the leading thinkers of the day. Hollywood arose, the education system was watered down and the atheists came in.

The Church in America is sick, sick, sick. What is needed is another Reformation for even in Evangelicalism the Gospel has been lost. I am all for good politics, education reform, good economic policies and a strong military, etc. But the root of America’s problems lie at the door of the Church. It is a spiritual problem to the core way more than a political problem. I look at the politics of Obama and see what kind of a church he came from and say, “no wonder!” I look at Pres. Bush and some of the goofy things he has said in regards to Islam being a religion of peace and that we all worship basically the same (g)od and realize, he is a Methodist after all. I look at Pres. Clinton and all his problems and say, “Yep, he really is a Southern Baptist!). Lord, send a revival! Send us a revival of sound biblical doctrine that your Spirit would bless by applying to our lives so that we change how we live, for your glory.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008–Here is Dr. Al Mohler’s take on the above article in First Things:


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