Should Christians Prepare for a War and Be Survivalists?

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Sunday, August 17, 2008– This post has brought about a surprising number of hits which tells me that there may be an interest in Christians Preparing for the End Times, (The End Of The World As We Know It-TEOTWAWKI), in practical as well as theological/evangelistic terms. My articles on my Ruger Single Six .22 revolver are likewise catching a lot of hits. Therefore, I might consider expanding this area of study.

Thursday, August 14, 2008– In reading Townhall today I came across this amazingly scary article by Cliff May:

As a long time sci fi reader, all the way back to my childhood, including reading Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe and Mysterious Island by Johann Wyss, Daniel Defoe and Jules Verne, I have long been acquainted with the subject of survivalism. One of my favorite childhood books was My Side of the Mountain that featured a young boy of about 12-14 yrs who spent a year in the Catskill Mountains on his own as a survivalist, living off of nature. In the Army I received some survival training and have read on the subject a bit since then.

I have also known several mormon families through the years. Elswhere in this blog I have written about mormon theology, but one of the interesting things about the LDS church is its teaching that every family should have a year’s worth of food stocked up in case of an emergency due to natural disaster or war. A lot of the survival shelters and equipment are manufactured or sold in Utah and a lot of the survivalist community are mormon.

This morning in reading Billy Marsh’s blog

he raised the question he got from an atheist blog about whether Christians even valued this world at all or whether we are just valuing the life to come. This is a very good and appropriate question that relates to the article by Cliff May. When it comes to a potential end of the world as we know it scenario, whether natural or man caused, do we as Christians hide our heads in the sand and think, “Surely the Lord will come back before THAT happens” or do we/should we actually consider that we might be called upon to live through an end of the world as we know it experience? Have not countless other Christians over the centuries experienced dreadful depredations where they were called upon to survive and endure? Are we so arrogant as to believe that our civilization could not be toppled without Jesus coming back to rescue us?

This leads me back to the point I am pondering: Should Bible believing born again believers be gun toting, food hording, bombshelter building survivalists? Let me phrase it this way: Should the Church earnestly seek to preserve a remnant to spread the gospel and minister to those around us in the event of an End of the World As We Know It event? Should this not be considered as a potential missionary opportunity?

Granted, I have poked around in the survivalist community enough to know that there are plenty of cynical, self absorbed people out there whose only interest is in saving their own behinds when/if the mad mullahs or commies push the button that starts WWIV. And there is always the chance that a rogue asteroid crashes or some other natural event brings about the new Dark Ages. But should we allow the few crack pots out there to cause us to not even consider the possibility of having to survive without electricity for a few months or years? Remember Hurricane Katrina?

All I can say is that you ought to read the Cliff May article and think about what it would be like for everything that is electric or electronic in your world to suddenly go fizzle, snap, crackle and pop, then stop working. No lights, no cell phones or microwaves, no cars, no running water or gas. All refridgerators stop cooling, no A/C or heaters, no tv or radio, no X-box or Nintendo. Welcome to caveman status. Now Christian, Church, how are we going to minister the gospel? If your cars wont work, how will you get to that church that is 20 miles from your home? Might have to start a bunch of house churches. Are you equipped for that? The mormons are. Why not the real Church of Jesus Christ?

I write a lot of things on this blog that can be considered on the border. My interpretations of Genesis have been heavily criticized, and my strong views about homosexuality, politics, islam and mormonism have riled some folks. So I would be disappointed if I did not receive any criticism for being a Christian Survivalist! I do want some serious dialog on this issue because I think the church really has its head in the sand on this one.


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33 Responses to “Should Christians Prepare for a War and Be Survivalists?”

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No criticism from here. We should live each day praying for Lords return and living each day to reach the next. We have too many who will wait on the government to help them in the case of man made or God made disaster. The recent flooding in the Midwest was a strong show of what people can do when they take matters into own hands and help each other. It is interesting that there has not been any story of the heartland people sitting in trailers from FEMA waiting on the government to show them what to do next with there lives.

I’ve just finished a book on this very subject, “Prepare, Before all Hell Breaks Loose”
The Laodecian church loves to dream about a pre trib rapture where Yeshua sends His angels to beam us outta here! No suffering for us! Wake up church, the rest of the world IS suffering NOW, check out “Voice of the MArtyrs” who are beaten and imprisonered for many years because they taught a Bible study class. To these brethren prison is God’s gym and beatings are spiritual steriods. Church, prepare because the rapture is coming “at the last trumpet” Get your financial house in order, get out of the stock market now, pay off your house, your car and cut up your credit cards.
Start to store food while the prices are still cheap, they will double soon, trust me we are heading for a severe recession and a long famine!

Thanks! I agree wholeheartedly with the Laodicean Church idea. God’s people have always had to suffer, why should our generation be any different. Voice of the Martyrs is a fine organization, Headquarters is in my home town in Oklahoma. Here at Redeemer Chrch in Ft Worth, our church supports their ministry as well. I was raised with the pre-millenial view that Jesus would come take us out of here before the Great Tribulation. While I consider that to still be possible, I tend more toward the idea that things will get all the way bad, for the Church and everybody, THEN Christ returns and The End happens. Either way, we share that blessed hope that Christ is coming! Marantha!

I’m a follower of Jesus and have also been thinking more lately about preparedness and survivalism.

I’ve also been wondering how Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:19-21 & 25-34 might apply to this topic.

Anyone spent much time wrestling with this?

In regards to Matthew 6… I was just reading and studying on this before I came here and saw this post… hope this helps it is from Baker commentary notes
Mat 6:25
Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought … – The general design of this paragraph, which closes the chapter, is to warn his disciples against avarice, and, at the same time, against anxiety about the supply of their needs. This he does by four arguments or considerations, expressing by unequalled beauty and force the duty of depending for the things which we need on the providence of God. The “first” is stated in Mat_6:25; “Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?” In the beginning of the verse he charged his disciples to take “no thought” – that is, not to be “anxious” about the supply of their wants. In illustration of this he says that God has given “life,” a far greater blessing than “meat;” that he has created the body, of far more consequence than raiment. Shall not he who has conferred the “greater” blessing be willing to confer the “less?” Shall not he who has formed the body so curiously, and made in its formation such a display of power and goodness, see that it is properly protected and clothed? He who has displayed “so great” goodness as to form the body, and breathe into it the breath of life, will surely “follow up” the blessing, and confer the “smaller” favor of providing that that body shall be clothed, and that life preserved.
No thought – The word “thought,” when the Bible was translated, meant “anxiety,” and is so used frequently in Old English authors. Thus, Bacon says, “Haweis died with ‘thought’ and anguish before his business came to an end.” As such it is used here by our translators, and it answers exactly to the meaning of the original. Like many other words, it has since somewhat changed its signification, and would convey to most readers an improper idea. The word “anxiety” would now exactly express the sense, and is precisely the thing against which the Saviour would guard us. See Luk_8:14; Luk_21:34; Phi_4:6. “Thought” about the future is right; “anxiety, solicitude, trouble” is wrong. There is a degree of “thinking” about the things of this life which is proper. See 1Ti_5:8; 2Th_3:10; Rom_12:11. But it should not be our supreme concern; it should not lead to anxiety; it should not take time that ought to be devoted to religion.
For your life – For what will “support” your life.
Meat – This word here means “food” in general, as it does commonly in the Bible. We confine it now to animal food. When the Bible was translated, it denoted all kinds of food, and is so used in the old English writers. It is one of the words which has changed its meaning since the translation of the Bible was made.
Raiment – Clothing.

Thank you Fred,for a very good question! The Matt. 6 texts you refer to are talking about our heart attitude towards the things of this world. Are we trusting in material wealth for our righteousness and security or are we trusting in Christ? These verses do not mean that we should not work, earn money, provide for our families, and save for the future. Prov.6:6-11 reminds us to observe the ants who gather food and store it away. Paul tells us in 1Tim.6:10 that it is the love of money that is the root of all kinds of evil, yet Paul relied on wealthy people to help in the ministry (Lydia, a dealer in purple- a very lucrative and exclusive business for royalty- in Acts 16:11-15). Furthermore, if we were to store up food and supplies for a disaster, we ought to store up enough to share as a ministry to those who had nothing.

Thanks for your response Bryan. I don’t disagree with anything you said.

I’m esp with you that the whole of scripture helps inform us about each particular passage or verse. For example- Jesus’ isn’t speaking against work or saving here because other passages advise saving and instruct that those who won’t work shouldn’t eat.

I’m definitely not against work, money, wealth, savings or preparedness. Give me more of them all. =) Guess I’m just mindful that the same action (ex. preparing for disasters) can be done with mulitple motives. We can prepare as you suggest to be able to take care of ourselves and bless our neighbors.

But we can also prepare out of fear or an unhealthy self-sufficiency (like the Rich Fool in Luke 12:16-21). We can also fall into the trap of thinking that this world is our home instead of a stop on our sojourn and place an overly high priority on remaining here.

Also, from what I see on many of the survivalist’s sites (some of whom claim to be Christians) it seems that preparedness can become an obsession or a major source of their identity. Neither of which seems spiritually healthy.

In fact, the Matthew 6 passage seems to warn directly against all of those things.

Have you (or others) really wrestled with your internal motivations for preparedness before or after you jumped in? If so, have you found a mix of motivations?

What did/do you do with any that didn’t fit the heart/ways of Jesus?

Should a Christian even begin to prepare for disaster if they can’t do so without fear, self-sufficiency or an unhealthy love for this world?

What do you do to make sure your efforts in this area stay on the healthy and God-honoring side of things?

As someone who is genuinely interested in preparedness, but wants it to honor Jesus- like every other part of my life- I’d love to hear some dialogue about these things.

We all struggle with this issue for any of our motivations in all that we do. We all hope that nothing will harm our family, friend, or nation, but we know from history that this will not be the case. Everything in this world will be left behind, but all that we do will be with us forever. Just to stick our heads in the sand and act like nothing will happen in not wise or biblical. The word of Jesus about his watch care over is is very comforting. In one place he tells us of the birds of the air being taken care of by our heavenly father. At the same time the birds have to seek the food and the shelter that God gives them. The whole of nature is witness to this truth. We need to do the same never forgetting what is most important.
in this live.

Thanks for a breath of fresh, sober, biblical air! You ae right on the mark. Same with you decondon! Motives are always going to be mixed since we remain sinners until He comes, but we seek to be as pure in our motives as possible by constantly looking in the mirror of Scripture and seeking wise counsel from our godly brothers and sisters and from the saints of old.
Unfortunately, it does seem that much of the survivalist movement is filled with those with a me first, pagan worldview or are mormon. This is an area that solid, biblical, reformed evangelicals just haven’t touched. Very little written on the subject at all from a conservative Christian perspective.
It is never good to operate out of fear. I think we should begin a Christian survivalist movement based upon the Word, to glorify Christ when bad times come by preserving a remnant, and to provide a basis for ministering to those around us.
It is very easy to get out of balance and build a bunker mentality while building your bunker (LOL). When I was a kid I remember my home church was a local air raid shelter complete with the Civil Defense signs and barrels of rations and water. The mormons excel in this area and we could learn from them.
Unfortunately, I think that if we started talking about this too loud in church or the broader evangelical community, we would get laughed at, ridiculed and generally looked at as kooks. I actually was nervous about this blog posting!
But I am convinced that the time draweth nigh and this subject needs to be discussed.

[…] […]

Mary: I am searching for the book “Prepare, Before All Hell Breaks Loose”. Do you know the author, or can you tell me where I can pick up a copy. THANKS!

Here is a link to the book I think you want:
“When All Hell Breaks Loose” by Cody Lundin.


Concerning my book, “Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!” it’s going to print soon. I will then offer it to GOD TV. Wendy and Allec are all about sharing info. on these last days. MK Mason

From, “Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!” by MK Mason

“Gather a double portion of manna on the sixth day.”
The Israelites were commanded by God to prepare a double portion of manna on the sixth day, as the seventh day was holy. In Father’s blessed provision, the second day’s manna never spoiled, God kept it miraculously preserved.

As the time draws closer each of us must determine if we are to put up a second portion of manna or if God’s plan for our family is to prepare nothing. There are two paths of thought on the issue of preparing. The first is that God will provide for all our needs miraculously and therefore we are to do nothing as an act of faith. If this is your conviction then by all means follow the Holy Spirit’s voice and do not prepare. I firmly believe God will instruct some in this path, as these believers will be on the move, unable to carry supplies. I believe some of the household of faith will be instructed by the Holy Spirit to prepare extra provisions. I believe this to be scriptural. Clearly the early church has many times depended on the charity of fellow believers to provide for their basic physical needs. Joseph prepared food for seven years of famine and Noah prepared for 100 years and I’m certain many considered both quite nuts for doing it.

Philippians 4:15-19, says, “You yourselves also know, Philippians, that at the first preaching of the gospel, after I left Macedonia, no church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving but you alone; for even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs. Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account. But I have received everything in full and have abundance; I am amply supplied, having received from Epaphroditus what you have sent, a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God. And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

The second thought is to prepare according to the guidance of God. Paul, though a great evangelist, his time being extremely valuable still worked as a tent maker at times, frequently working for his own provisions. I believe God does provide for my family as He provides me with good health so I may work for an income that I may go to the store and purchase food. He gave me a brain and many scriptural warnings. If a storm is coming, common sense tells me to take down the laundry, close the windows and bring in the kids.

Matthew 24:44-46, “For this reason you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will. Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time? Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes.”

1Titus 5:8,” But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” Unless God tells you not to, I feel generally speaking that it is prudent to prepare as the Lord has given us warning of famine.

Philippians 2:4, “…. do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”

If you choose to prepare I feel it is wise and loving to prepare a generous portion for the stranger and the missionary.

Romans 12:9-13, says, “Let love be without hypocrisy Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer, contributing to the needs of the saints, …”

Phil 4:11-14, “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Nevertheless, you have done well to share with me in my affliction.”

Be ready

When world events spiral out of control you will become extremely vulnerable.
A financial collapse, could force banks to close and money could become pretty much worthless, that is, if you can get it out of the bank. Chaos, whether it is from a terrorist attack, natural disasters, a stock market crash or avian pandemic flu, these events could cause breakdowns in the supply of essential goods and services. Crime suddenly makes the streets as dangerous as the jungle, where wandering outside is putting your life in jeopardy. With no cash, no food and mob rule outside the door, now what?

Finding food under these conditions will be extremely difficult if not impossible. Everyone will have the same needs and few will choose to share what they do have as they know not what tomorrow will bring. When tomorrow looks even more ominous, and folks are gripped in fear, many tend to not to be so charitable. Grocery stores would be emptied in less than a day. Food riots are likely to breakout, but not with yelling, pushing and shoving but with knives and handguns, stealing food right out of your shopping cart. Then if you do get a few items you must now fight off the bandits who await you in the parking lot.

During the Chicago winter of 1968 as a young child I witnessed a severe food shortage during a prolonged blizzard. When the grocery stores finally opened food began to fly off the shelves, I will never forget that day. It was the first time in my life I ever experienced people behaving selfishly. When people were seen hoarding 3 loaves of bread, milk, etc. the store manager started rationing food at the check out counter. If he tried that in our day he might get attacked. With no cars on the road due to the snow accumulation, we could only buy what we could carry. There may come a day where you’ll have no gas to get you to the grocery store. Could you carry six or seven bags of groceries home? What would you do if after buying the food, a roving gang robbed you of all?

The second problem is America’s emergency food supply. It is dangerously low with only a three-week supply of food in the national food distribution network. This amount has decreased by two thirds thanks to Congress.

Thirdly, under many circumstances, natural disasters, absent sick workers victims of avian flu, fuel shortages, bombed infrastructure, etc. there could easily be a disruption in food distribution leading to empty grocery stores for weeks. Katrina was a nightmare of hunger and thirst, unsanitary conditions, chaos and crime. And that was just one small area of the country. I would imagine that as looting and riots break out at grocery stores and the police are out numbered, that store employees will simply refuse to risk their life to come to work forcing stores to close. Those depending on a generous neighbor or good friend for food would prove unfruitful as most American households have a mere 3 to 5 days worth of food on hand.

well, I think there might be something to what you are saying. I have felt the need to keep certain survivalist knowledge in my head for most of my life, but only this past year have I and my family been trying out some of it. Herbal medicines, wild foods and gardening are at the top of our list right now. I feel burdened with learning these things for preservation of the remnant. I had never thought of it happening without Jesus coming back though.

For complete, and I mean complete info on preparing spiritually and physically check out my website,{Hope you don’t mind me sharing it here, sorry if I over stepped by bounds.}

Prepare now, things are moving at meteoric speed.

Mary Kay Mason

God gave us hands with which to work; He gave us brains with which to think; He gave us common sense with which to evaluate. He expects us to work for our bread, and He expects us to prepare for uncertain times.

How can I find a copy of the book Prepare before all hell breaks loose?

Here is the link to Amazon for the book:

“Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!” is my book. I’m trying to find a Christian publisher but it’s tough. However you can read some of my book on “Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!” at
Prepare NOW, November 2010,….time is up. Satan’s NWO has the world in it’s World Wide Web,….checkmate.

In His Royal Majesty’s Service,
Mary Kay Mason

Wow. Have you been reading my mind and listening to my prayers? I have been waffle-ling and fence sitting for this past year. What to do as a Christian? I have decided to prepare as best we can but am very overwhelmed, both emotionally, spiritually and financially. I have some things bought but not enough for even six months and they are hit and miss. I have been learning to grind grain (oh, but with an electric mill..hmm) and baking decent bread from scratch. Put in a garden that wasn’t the greatest, needs lots of help – would never count on gardening to survive with our soil. So many questions, so many decisions. HELP!

It can certainly be overwhelming, but if you take tiny steps with even just a little bit of money or time, you can gradually become better prepared than you once were.

Start buying food from the MORMONS!

Great stuff!
as a born again believer, I have been struggling with this issue of whether to prepare or not. I have began to prepare over the last several months. It is an overwhelming task but its not just take it slow. The Mormons love to help. They have canneries in almost every state that you can go and purchase bulk grain, rice, and a LOT of other stuff. They have saved me a ton of money and they do not try to convert you to their religion. Check out their website. I have posted a link to the part of their site that talks about food storage and there is also a price list for the food they offer and a lot of very useful info.,11677,1706-1,00.html

You are right on! The Bible is very clear that we will experience hard times in the end and we need to prepare. Preach it!

Its nice to know that Im not the only christian who wants to survive. Not just mormons can prepare.

Exactly! But many of our brothes and sisters in our churches don’t want to even discuss this topic and will consider us strange for even thinking about it.

I’ve been sooo frustrated lately as I continue to tell my Christian friends to prepare, thinking that they will now finally believe me as they are seeing food prices rise. But no, they are still saying that I have a spirit of fear and I’m not trusting God. They have faith, I don’t. The most common answer is that Jesus is coming and they’ll be raptured out of here before the tribulation begins. They haven’t studied out study the scriptures, as it clearly says that the rapture will occur at the last trumpet, 1 Corn 15, which is the 7TH trumpet in the book of Revelation, which comes at the end of time, just prior to God’s unleashed fury, the Day of the Lord, His great wrath.
So I finally have decided to shut up knowing that sooner or later they will see I was correct in my assessment of the economy and the scriptures. Unfortunately, when they finally do get it they will be scrambling for food and supplies, them along with the masses, all lunging for the same bag of beans!
Surely this is not God’s plan as He has warned us numerous times to be on guard.
The Laodicean church, the church of the pathetic apathetic, is alive and well in America.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay,
I hear your lament sister!Although raised in a pre-millenial, pre-trib rapture environment, after studying the Word for decades, I reached the conclusion that God’s people have always had to suffer greatly prior to being saved by the Lord. I must temper that with the knowledge that outside America, the Church has been suffering greatly. Still, just as the Lord told Noah to prepare, I am convinced that the American Church should prepare for a wave of judgment upon our land. We, the Church, need to prepare to make sure that our families are able to survive, our churches can survive, and so that we can minister effectively in whatever remains of our country. And it could be just a local disaster. Hurricane, earthquake, etc.

right on for standin for what u believe. I agree!

I have the same mindset. If we leave everything up to non Christians to survive then we are going to be in alot of trouble. Most of the times Jesus ministered to people there was food involoved, and so wouldn’t it make sense to be able to feed and minister to those around us when disaster strikes. I was reading and praying today and realized alot. I should prepare myself spiritually for bringing people to Christ when everything falls apart. That’s when people need God the most and will respond the quickest. But I must admit I have only been preparing for my three children and mother. I am a strong Christian who strongly believes that we will not be raptured up without first going through some tough times. And I believe that because the Bible says we will go through very hard times and persecution. We should all prepare with food, water, knowledge of how to live as if we were back in the 1800’s, and be getting closer to God as well as making changes in our lives that might hold us back when the rapture does take place. We should be ready spiritually and physically. And if Christians would study the Bible for themselves instead of listening to whoever is the next best thing they would know that.

Think about Joseph God placed him in that to be able to prepare for a coming crisis and blessed many through it. Common sense seems to be the key

I don’t know about anyone else, but my current life is challenging enough and has required me to “learn” to walk/live my faith over despair. Life is pretty darn hard now!
In my faith walk, I’ve learned that we can’t “prepare” for every hardship life will bring us…we have do “what” we can do in our own actions, and then we lean on the LORD’S PROVISION. For example, we can’t save money unless God blesses it to be fruitful. Many times, we have to trust and have faith in what is unseen, that our God loves us and will provide for us in our time of need. Otherwise, we are walking in our own strength and provision.
WHY would that walk of faith change because of “end time” disasters? WHY would God’s Provision no longer be valid? For me, I don’t want to depend on what I can save, prepare for, etc. since I don’t know what the future will bring. I will use the brain God gave me and “pay attention” to the signs of these days, which I agree means we need other energy sources and other food source alternatives. But these things should be done in concert with God’s guidance and wisdom, and not a spirit of fear.

If the end times are going to be as bad as some of these sites say…why would non-believers wait for you to share your stores? Wouldn’t the hordes just take it by force?? Isn’t that what is already happening in third world countries where food/resources are scarce? Are you prepared to shoot these people who attack? In reality, a Christian walking in love won’t survive very long, they will be killed for what they have or martyrd for what they believe. So what does it mean to “survive” in an end times scenario? Do you really want to?

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