Matt.1:18-25 Jesus’ Virgin Birth, According to the Scriptures

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Saturday, August 9, 2008–Here are the notes I took of Pastor Tim’s sermon last Sunday. The notes are incomplete and may have some flaws or my own interpretations of what Tim said. You can always go down to my blogroll and click on Christ the Redeemer Church and listne to the sermon!

Matthew 1:18-25 “Jesus’ Virgin Birth, According to the Scriptures” Sunday, August 3, 2008

I. vss.18-21 The Circumstances of Jesus’ Birth

1, Betrothed- This Jewish concept is much stronger than our modern day engagement. Betrothal had a legal standing and was considered to be recognized as a marriage, though not under one roof yet. Betrothal had a permanency to it that is clearly missing in our modern day concept. It required a legal divorce to break off a betrothal. The betrothal is significant to us because it shows that when God chose to send his Son, he sent him to a family, not just a single young lady, but to a family, thus sanctifying marriage. Jesus was to have the benefit of mom and a dad. this gave protection to the baby Jesus but also it protected Mary.

But because Joeph and Mary had not yet completed their marriage, they were not living together, it raise a serious question about Mary’s morality and integrity. Think of the weightiness of what God was requiring of Mary.She will bear the Savior, the Messiah, the Son of God. but she will do this in the protection of a marriage.

Sadly, in our own day, marriage is considered almost obsolete, past its day of usefulness. Our society is redefining marriage, but God thought marriage appropriate and useful.

What God was doing in Mary’s life had never been done before nor since: a miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit. How overwhelming this had to have been for Mary! Was she perhaps tempted with Pride? She was to bear the Messiah! But she was also humiliated- pregnant before the wedding! There was shame and DANGER for her, the community would not be accepting of a pregnancy under these conditions. She could have been shut out of her community. There was both Honor and Danger in her calling.

When God gives us a great privilege or task, there also comes temptation and humiliation to keep us humble. Like Mary we must trust in God! The Cross has glory and humiliation both. Along with the privilege of service comes the privilege of suffering!

2. vs.19- Notice Joseph’s Character!- He was just and unwilling to put her to shame. He is resolute in his justice but also kind. He knows marriage is holy so despite his love for Mary, he seeks to sustain the holiness of marriage, a high view of marriage, by divorcing her quietly. In older days Mary could have been stoned but that practice was not common in those days. Joseph was gracious and kind as he gets the lawyer quietly. We do not know much else about Joseph.

We tend to know people today who are just, but not kind; or kind, but not just. Joseph tries to do that which is honorable.

Notice the angel addresses Joseph as a Son of David! Remember Who you Are! You are a son in the line of King David! Before he is called to the great task, he is reminded of who he is! vs.24 Joseph obeys. Trust God despite the evidence and then obey! There is nothing in Joseph’s experience or background to support this. This is raw, courageous faith. In Joseph’s actions we learn of the sacredness of marriage. Again, Joseph’s call to serve is also a call to suffer. When God calls us, we must reflect on God’s Word as Joseph did. He received a word from God through the angel and he reflected on that Word and then obeyed. Justice, Kindness and Obedience characterized Joseph.

II. vss.22-23 Our Savior

All of this took place to fulfill the prophecy. It all happened for the glory f God. The real story is not about Mary, nor is it about Joseph. It’s all about God! The Virgin Birth is supposed to surprise us; this is a Marvel! The doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus is Important to us. It sets forth the divine and human natures of Christ. 2 natures in one person. He truly is Immanuel- God with us.

Jesus- he will save his people from their sins. He saves us from the penalty of sin, the power and domination of sin and ultimately even the very presence of sin.


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