Matthew 1:1-17 “Jesus the Christ- Son of David, Son of Abraham”

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Saturday, August 2, 2008– Pastor Tim Presson at Redeemer Church in Fort Worth has begun a new sermon series from the book of Matthew. Tim is absolutely the best preacher I have ever sat under so I am interested in taking good notes in order to attempt to get God’s Word into my life a bit more. This section of my blog then, will be my notes, my interpretations of Tim’s sermons. Any inaccuracies belong to me and my feeble efforts at taking notes.

This is the first sermon in the series- Matt.1:1-17 “Jesus the Christ- Son of David, Son of Abraham” preached Sunday, July 27, 2008.

Introduction: What is A Gospel? The Gospels are not biographies, though they have some biographical information in them. The Gospels are theological works written for a Redemptive Purpose. They are records of the saving acts of God.

The Gospel is the message contained in the Gospels. It is a message of good tidings to those who deserve to condemned- it is a message of God’s grace. John’s Gospel was written to show that Jesus is the Savior of the whole world; Luke shows Jesus to be the savior to the Greeks; Mark shows Jesus to be the savior to the Romans; and Matthew is written to the Jews.

There are 4 things in Matthew’s mind as he wrote:

1)Conversion- he wants to convert you to Jesus. 2)Sanctification- he is teaching us how to live; for example see the Sermon on the Mount. 3)Vindicating Christ and Christianity from false accusations and charges. The genealogy helps with this. 4)Focus on Evangelism- Matthew gives us the Great Commission.

So why begin with a genealogy? A genealogy is something that people of today might find boring and even skip over when reading through the Bible. But the genealogy is very important to the Jews and Israel. The Jews used genealogies prior to entering the Promised Land in order to distribute the land. The genealogy was important for establishing the kingly line and the priestly line. Jews still kept their tribal identities even after the borders of the tribes got all mixed up.

By beginning with a genealogy Matthew established Jesus’ pedigree and shows that Jesus fulfilled prophesies about the Messiah.


I. Jesus is the Promised Messiah.

Jesus is the Christ sent to deliver us fro sin. Vss.1,17 serve as bookends for the genealogy to show that Jesus is the Christ first and last. We don’t choose to be born, but Jesus chose to be born. He is the Son of David. This fulfills the covenant promise God made with David. The genealogy is structured around David’s house. In vss.1-6 are the ancestors of David; vss.6-12 show the rise of David’s house; vss. 12-17 the near extinction of David’s house. Solomon and all the other kings descending from David did not fulfill the covenant- Only Jesus did.

As the Son of Abraham Jesus also fulfills the promise God made to Abraham. The genealogy begins with the miraculous birth of Isaac and ends with the miraculous birth of Jesus.

II. Jesus is not only the Messiah, He Is the Son of God.

vs.16-breaks the standard formula as Jesus is not the son of Joseph! he was born to Mary alone. Joseph is the legal father of Jesus but not the physical father of Jesus. Jesus is the unique Son of God!

III. Jesus is Truly Human.

Jesus is a legitimate child born into the line of David. Both the Jews and the Romans would accuse Jesus of being illegitimate. See John 8. But Matthew defends the legitimacy of Christ’s birth. A few decades later the Docetists said that Jesus only appeared to have a physical body, only appeared to be human. But Matthew shows him to be fully human. Matthew also defeats the Gnostics who would say that Jesus was not Jewish.

Today: Jesus’ humanity is an important doctrine for if Christ is not fully human he could not sympathize with us in our hurts. (Tim recommends Anselm’s book Why the God Man?) AW Tozer says we know how God would act in our place- Jesus!

IV. Jesus Christ Is Savior and Redeemer of the World.

Look at the names and stories of those included in this genealogy. From Abraham to Ahaz (who sacrificed his son to Molech). Vs. 6 David was the father of Solomon by Uriah’s wife- adultery.Even the best of men, David and Abraham were sinners needing saving.

Three Types of People Need This Message:

1) Christians need this truth to grow strong in the Word.

2) Those who Think they are Christians need to know that Jesus is the Only Way.

3) Those who are not Christians and are in danger of spending an eternity separated from Christ.


This was an outstanding message! I have preached from the genealogies before and it is some tough preaching but this was the best sermon I ever heard on the genealogy.


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