Anglican Church Splitting Over Homosexual Priests

Posted on July 28, 2008. Filed under: Contemporary Religion |

Update Monday afternoon– The police are reporting that the nut case who shot up the Unitarian Church yesterday killing two and wounding 8-9 was some hate filled guy who hated liberals and homosexuals. The story said he didn’t plan on coming out of the church alive. Unfortunately, he did live, as most of those kinds of cowards do. Now he gets to live out his miserable existence in jail for the rest of his life. If you disagree with libs, homosexuals or whatever, reason with them, pray for them, witness to them, but don’t fight them or shoot them! Good grief! Pray for the survivors and all the kids who were there. I had friends who were present at the Wedgewood Baptist Church shooting in Fort Worth a few years ago. This is why there ought to be some designated pistoleros in every church– nut cases come to churches and schools to shoot unarmed people.

And now the loser is discovered to have “some issues” with Christianity. His ex-wife apparently went to this Universalist Unitarian “Church”, so he goes and shoots a bunch of innocent people. Voof!

Monday, July 28, 2008– The Anglican Church is slowly degenerating into anarchy and sin with the loss of biblical doctrine and caving in to the demands of the pluralists, feminists and homosexuals. It seems that the Anglicans in Africa (and many other faithful Christians within the Anglican community) are leading the charge to hold a firm biblical position at this point, and the press seems to disparage the faith of the African Anglicans. Here is a link to a column by Al Mohler that gives some of the information:

I understand the calling that God sometimes places on an individual to stay in a place to try to reform it, to bring it back into line with the Bible. I have been there and done that. It is incredibly tough, lonely work. To those modern day Puritans who are in the Anglican community I laud your efforts at staying true to the Word, and suffering more hurtful attacks from “friendly fire” than from the world.

But there are those who are staying in the Anglican church and suffering from lack of biblical preaching. To those I would urge- move on! Life is too short to suffer with fools. If you are in a congregation that is led by someone who has compromised the Word, settled with the world, and is leading the sheep astray, then get out! There are plenty of Reformed congregations of various denominations in which you could better serve Jesus and be fed the pure milk of the Word.

It seems to be the nature of organizations, even the Church, to slowly drift off course and lose sight of its original calling and purpose. We are all sinners and the path of our hearts invariably leads us away from the God we serve and love. The church and the individual Christian must always be reforming. But there reaches a time when we should just quit and leave and seek greener pastures where the Lord can heal us and feed us and give us a renewed sense of knowing Him.

In Baptist life the liberal branch of the SBC is slowly separating from the conservative core. I wish them no ill will but I look forward to their departure!


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