Scrambled Eggs Deluxe

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Scrambled Eggs Deluxe :

Thursday, January 24, 2008– Since Monday’s entry in this column was not really a recipe, I wanted to include a second entry this week to give an actual recipe. Today I am going to give you my recipe for Scrambled Eggs Deluxe. Scrambled eggs are an excellent, healthy meal that is easy and simple to make as well as fairly inexpensive. This recipe has lots of variety and different combinations that you can try, but easy it is not. Nor inexpensive. But the nutrition you get from this style of scrambled eggs is remarkable because this breakfast platter gets you a couple of servings of vegetables along with the scrambled eggs.

I begin by frying some bacon in two frying pans. In one pan I just fry up 2-3 slices and in the other pan I fry 5-6 slices. Why two pans? I will scramble the eggs in the pan that had the 2-3 slices and use the pan with more bacon for frying potatoes and making gravy.

As the bacon is frying over a medium heat I start chopping up the veggies. I begin with cutting up a couple of potatoes. I have used Russett Potatoes for years but recently have begun using red potatoes more often. By this time the bacon is getting close to being ready so I cut up 2 of the slices into very tiny pieces for the gravy and set them aside and pull out the other bacon and place on a plate. I don’t like crisp bacon, so I really try to keep an eye on it.

After I pull the bacon out I drop the potatoes into the pan with the most grease and commence frying them. Sometimes I will add some onion to the potatoes.

While the ‘taters are frying I chop up 3-4 cloves of garlic into very tiny pieces and set it aside for last. I then chop half of an onion, usually a red onion these days though I used yellow onions for years. Next comes the bell pepper, and it doesn’t matter much to me which color I use but the red peppers are the most visually appealing. I use about half of the bell pepper. Then I cut up a jalapeno pepper, but I give it a taste test to see how hot it is. If it is too hot, I only place about 1/3 to 1/2 of it in the mix, my wife does not want her eggs too hot. I slice some zucchini squash into quarters next, and go ahead and toss them and the peppers into the frying pan (the one that does not have the potatoes frying) to pre-cook them a little.

While all this chopping of veggies is going on, I am also tending to the frying potatoes, being careful to not burn them. When they are done I scoop them out, letting as much grease drain back into the pan as possible. I want that grease for some gravy.

Also, I take time to crack open about 6-7 eggs into a bowl and stir them up, adding about a half cup of milk (we use 2% lowfat). Now I pour the eggs into the pan that had the 2 slices of bacon in it, and has the squash and peppers in it, and get the eggs cooking. I immediately toss in some salt and pepper, add about 1 slice of cheese per egg and then toss in the onions and garlic. But I am not finished with chopping up veggies yet.
I now grab a handful of spinach leaves and chop them up fairly small and add to the eggs and finally I get some cherry tomatoes and chop up about 6-8 and throw them in along with the garlic, saved for last. Sometimes I will even add some fresh mushrooms.

At some point in all of this furious chopping, I take time to put a couple of tablespoons of flour in the pan which I used to fry the bacon and potatoes. I then pour in about a quart of milk, maybe less, and start stirring, adding some salt and pepper and the 2 slices of bacon I chopped up.

Now I am stirring eggs and gravy as fast as I can.

The trick is to get the eggs and gravy done at about the same time. Oh yeah, for the gravy you can use the potatoes or put in a can of biscuits in the oven.

All in all, I know the bacon and grease and the cheese add some fat to this dish, but when you look at the beautiful veggies all mixed in with the eggs, you know you are getting a hearty and reasonably healthy meal. It really spruces up the standard bacon and egg breakfast. This is a Walker family tradition that we have been using for many years, though we have added some veggies as we go. It is very appealing to the eye as you look at the yellow sea of eggs and cheese with the dark green of the spinach and jalapeno with the red of the bell pepper and tomatoes, the purple onions and the light green squash. I will usually add some Tabasco Sauce on my eggs and put ketchup on my potatoes and reserve the gravy for the whole wheat biscuits.

One variation is to use a whole wheat tortilla to wrap this concoction up. Everything always tastes better in a tortilla.

Top it off with some OJ or some V-8 hot and spicy and you are set for the day. Enjoy!


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