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Monday, March 3, 2008– Tomorrow is the primary election here in Texas and I plan on voting after work and then attending the Republican precinct meeting. I will vote, reluctantly, for John McCain. From the beginning I was not happy with the selections as they all seemed too weak. Here is a copy of the letter I will bring with me to the precinct meeting:

Since the end of President Reagan’s administration in 1988 I have been dismayed and disappointed with the Republican Party. With the exception of the retaking of the House of Representatives in 1994 under the leadership of Speaker Newt Gingrich, and the subsequent Contract with America, the Republican Party seems to have squandered the gains during the Reagan years. While Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush have been honest men with personal honor and integrity, their policies have frequently been in violation of the core principles of Conservatism. The loss of the House in the election of 2006 has demonstrated that the Conservative movement lacks dynamic leadership, has not clearly, forcefully, and attractively articulated a vision that the average American can joyfully grasp, and is failing to bring up a new generation of Conservative leaders and voters.

Consequently, I humbly submit this list of principles and suggestions to the precinct with the hope that the Conservative Resurgence of the 1980’s can be reinvigorated in the 21st century:

I. Principles

1. Given that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the constitutional principles of limited government through enumerated powers and federalism must be returned to the core of the Republican Party.

(1) This means that the power of the federal bureaucracies must be broken through the elimination of government agencies and programs, budget cuts, the line-item veto, and the appointment of strict constructionist judges and justices who will follow the original intent of the Founding Fathers and interpret the Law,not make the Law.

(2) This means a renewed emphasis on the Bill of Rights especially the forgotten 10th Amendment, “The powers not  delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor  prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States  respectively, or to the people.” The 2nd Amendment is not, nor has it ever been, about duck hunting. For the Founders, the 2nd Amendment was about the people’s right to protect themselves  against an oppressive government and to form a militia to  protect the communities from the depredations of the Indians,  invasion from foreign armies and to defend the homestea against criminal elements. The 1st Amendment has been  hindered by the misguided McCain-Feingold Act which needs to be overturned.

2. Granted that in our complex, urbanized, world market economy a return to simple laissez faire is unattainable, nonetheless the government should lessen the tax burden for all, simplify the complex tax code, and reduce burdensome regulations that are unnecessarily hindering businesses and industries. The principle of lower taxes must be at the core of the Republican Party.

3. We live in a time of war, where the American homeland has been attacked and our Armed Forces are engaged in combat operations in a variety of areas around the world. Defending America with a strong military, intelligence community and law enforcement agencies is job one for the government.

(1) The misguided move by Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and continued by George W. Bush even in the face of war, to reduce the size of our Armed Forces from the Cold War Era as a “Peace Dividend” has placed this nation at risk. With former KGB agents Putin and Medvedev running Russia, with the People’s Republic of China expanding and modernizing their military (with technology sold to them during  the Clinton years), and, most urgently, with the nearly 30 years  of aggression by the Islamic peoples including the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the siege of Israel, and the imminent  development of nuclear weapons by Iran, the American  defense budget needs to be increased to Cold War levels to  support a larger, better trained and equipped military that has  the funds available to support and sustain the current operations  tempo.

(2) Agents of the enemy who release sensitive and Top Secret information in the State Department, CIA and in the New York Times need to be prosecuted for Treason.

(3) Foreign Agents and Illegal Combatants need to be quarantined indefinitely either in Guantanamo or the Aleutians, without the benefit of the rights of the Geneva Convention or American Criminal Law.

4. Defending our Borders against unrestricted, illegal immigration must be accomplished if we want to preserve our national identity, language, and culture.

(1) We must construct the Border Fence immediately incorporate high technology to assist in defending the border,  and place law enforcement as well as military personnel along  the border, in force, to stop illegal immigration. I would remind  you that Rome fell in large part due to unrestricted immigration  of the Germanic peoples along a poorly protected border and  the Native Americans lost their homeland to us because they  could not unite to defend their border. In the 1820’s-30’s Mexico allowed unrestricted immigration from the United States into Texas which resulted in the movement towards  independence and nationhood for Texas.

(2) The Border Patrol and the Immigration and Naturalization Services need to be at least doubled in size as soon as possible.

(3) Armed incursions onto US soil by elements of the Mexican military and by the forces of the drug cartels need to be met with force of arms.

(4) All immigration from Muslim countries and from Central and South America needs to be suspended until the illegal immigration crisis is resolved and the war with the Islamic peoples is won.

5. The Government should defend our Judeo-Christian heritage and promote family values.

(1) Homosexuality should not be protected by the government by granting it the same status as gender or race.

(2) Homosexuals should not be allowed to marry or to have civil unions that confer similar rights and privileges.

(3) However, neither should the government be regulating what goes on in the bedrooms of any citizen.

(4) Roe v. Wade should be overturned as bad law and the issue should be taken out of the Federal government’s jurisdiction and given to the States where it belongs.

(5) While the vast majority of Muslims in America are law abiding citizens, it is an inescapable fact that the Islamic religion has a lengthy history of undemocratic tendencies and teachings. Many aspects of sharia law and Islamic culture are brutal and go counter to the Judeo-Christian heritage of America. Honor killings, multiple wives, the beating of wives, forced marriages, sexual mutilation of underage females are all common in Islamic communities around the world, even in the West now. Considering the deafening silence of the American Islamic communities in the face of the widespread occurrences of terror perpetrated overwhelmingly by Islamo-fascists, and considering the huge cultural differences listed above, it is obvious that America must reconsider the free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment as well as immigration policy.

6. With the huge increase in the cost of fuel, and the impact that has on the working families of America, and given the political complexities of the major oil producing countries, it is an essential that America develop a realistic energy policy that has short term goals, mid term goals and long term goals.

(1) Oil fields in Alaska and off the coast of Florida and California need to be immediately opened for development.

(2) Taxes on gasoline need to be eliminated immediately.

(3) Oil companies need to be encouraged by tax breaks and regulatory relief to build more refineries in the US.

(4) Given that no new nuclear power plants have been built in America in the past 30 years, we need to immediately begin to build much needed power plants.

(5) Given the huge and sudden increase in world food prices due to the move toward biofuels such as ethanol, the government needs to re-evaluate the move to biofuels and seek other fuel sources in their place.

II. Suggestions

1. The Republican Party needs to have a better recruiting committee and policy that will find potential candidates for high office 15-20 years out, who meet or who will train up to meet very stiff standards.

(1) Identify military officers who have commanded at least at the Battalion/Squadron level who are politically conservative and will seek public office after their military service is complete.

(2) Identify individuals with high academic qualifications besides a juris doctorate who will seek public office.  Specifically look for those with Ph.D.s in fields such as  Business, Economics, History, Philosophy, and Political  Science who are conservative.

(3) Identify individuals who have started businesses and led corporations who understand the free market economy, labor, management and business.

(4) Identify individuals who come from a conservative, religious background whose marriages and personal lives are above reproach.

(5) Identify individuals who have excelled in the Arts, Letters, Entertainment and Athletic fields who are conservative.

2. The Republican Party needs to have a strenuous education program that will recruit individuals at the precinct level to lead reading/study groups in reading and discussing the great political, economic and historical books of the past and present. The great issues of history and of the current day must become the bread and butter of the average conservative at the precinct level.

(1) Precinct reading groups could read the great works by people like: Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Russell Kirk, Thomas Sowell, George Orwell, etc. Potential candidates for office should also be well read in these authors.

(2) Movie watching groups could also meet to watch and discuss the important movies of the past and present that have political and economic themes, such as: The Fountainhead, All Quiet on the Western Front, Animal Farm, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers Once…and Young, etc.

3. The Republican Party needs to sponsor an annual convention of Conservatives to lead in the study of the great issues of the day through academic papers, lectures, debates and Q&A sessions. These conventions would include people of the caliber of Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, General Petreaus, etc. Then develop a road show version that will take the debate to every major city and every state.

4. The Republican Party needs to formulate a plan to make gains in the Liberal Education Establishment by taking over teaching colleges, school districts and state boards of education so that the children are no longer being educated by liberals.


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